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It's not a "Rumor": Lee Brice confirms his latest hit wouldn't have happened without his vocal problems

It's not a "Rumor": Lee Brice confirms his latest hit wouldn't have happened without his vocal problems


Lee Brice has his biggest hit since 2015’s “That Don’t Sound Like You” with his latest single, “Rumor.”

Had it not been for his vocal problems several years ago, however, the South Carolina native’s new hit might never have happened.

“Before my vocal surgery, I was struggling really badly to sing — to even talk,” Lee explains. “And so it lent itself to me writing more soulful songs, because I’m sitting here trying to sing these songs that weren’t that hard to sing, but they were at the time.”

“So it kind of led to this raspy voice,” he continues, “these soulful songs, and ‘Rumor’ was one of the first ones…” 

Lee remembers how the second single from his latest, self-titled album came together.

“I’ve got a bass line going,” he recalls, “and I’m going to this kind of Motown, groovy, bluesy thing because of the fact that my voice was injured.”

“It’ll be cool to look back one day,” he observes, “and go, ‘You know, there’s a reason why that song was created, because I was at a different place vocally.'”

After undergoing surgery in October of 2016, all is well with Lee’s voice. But he admits he can’t really sing “Rumor” like he once could.

“Now I’m kinda back to 120 percent,” he points out. “So it’s almost — it’s not cool, but it’s kinda cool that I can’t quite sing it like I did back then, you know.”

“Because my voice is almost cleaned up too much. So I can fake it pretty good now,” Lee laughs.

Thursday night, Lee plays American Bank Center Arena in Corpus Christi, Texas, before joining Rascal Flatts on their Summer Playlist Tour in May.

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